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BA 0001
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7-Deaza-dA CEP

Notes:  Useful phosphoramidite for modification of base pairing and metal chelating characterisitcs of purine nucleosides through elimination of the N7nitrogen.

Description: The N7 imidazole nitrogen of purine nucleosides is known to take part in non-Watson-Crick hydrogen bonding and in metal chelation. "Deleting" the N7 nitrogen by replacing it with a CH group is a useful modification that has been accomplished in DNA oligonucleotides using the phosphoramidite of 2'-deoxytubercidin, namely 7-Deaza-dA CEP.1, which was useful in showing that N7 of dA is an important hydrogen bond acceptor site for the endodeoxyribonuclease EcoRI.

1. (a) Seela, F.; Kehne, A. Biochemistry 1987, 26, 2232-2238. (b) Seela, F.; Berg, H.; Rosemeyer, H. Biochemistry 1989, 28, 6193-6198.

7-Deaza-dA CEP
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MF: C48H53N6O7P

MW: 856.94

CAS NO: 107134-59-8

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry



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