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BA 0236
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2'-Deoxypseudoisocytidine CEP

Notes: A C-nucleoside phosphoramidite that is isosteric with deoxycytidine and has additional hydrogen-bonding ability.

Description: The C-nucleoside 2'-deoxypseudoisocytidine is an isostere of dC that offers an additional hydrogen-bond donor at N3. Interest in the incorporation of 2'-deoxypseudoisocytidine and related compounds into oligonucleotides has grown due to their success in improving triplex formation between oligonucleotides and duplex DNA.1-3 The C to GC pyrimidine-purine-pyrimidine binding motif requires acidic conditions in order to protonate N3 of cytosine in the Hoogsteen strand (i.e., C+ to GC). Unfortunately, this interaction is disrupted under the higher pH of physiological conditions. Improvements have been observed using 5-methyl-2'-deoxycytidine in place of dC, although protonation of N3 is still required.4 Kan and co-workers1-3 have examined the use of 2'-deoxypseudoisocytidine and 2'-O-methylpseudoisocytidine as neutral replacements for protonated cytidine. Indeed, oligonucleotides containing these cytidine replacements form improved triplexes under neutral conditions.

We offer 2'-Deoxypseudoisocytidine CEP3 for incorporation of 2'-deoxypseudoisocytidine into oligonucleotides, allowing researchers to explore the alternate hydrogen-bonding motif afforded by this interesting dC surrogate. For those interested in nucleosides, we also offer pseudoisocytidine hydrochloride (PYA 11060) and 2'-deoxypseudoisocytidine (PYA 11005).

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(1) Ono, A.; Ts'o, P. O. P.; Kan, L. J. Org. Chem. 1992, 57, 3225-3230.

(2) Ono, A.; Ts'o, P. O. P.; Kan, L. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1991, 113, 4032-4033.

(3) Chin, T.-M.; Lin, S.-B.; Lee, S.-Y.; Chang, M.-L.; Cheng, A. Y.-Y.; Chang, F.-C.; Pasternack, L.; Huang, D.-H.; Kan, L.-S. Biochemistry 2000, 39, 12457-12464.

(4) Singleton, D. F.; Dervan, P. B. Biochemistry 1992, 31, 10995-11003.

2'-Deoxypseudoisocytidine CEP
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MF: C42H53N6O7P

MW: 784.88

CAS NO: 307314-31-4

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry



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Alternate Name: 

Ψ-iso-dC CEP, pidC CEP
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