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BA 0315
Product Information Molecular Structure

Caged strand-breaker CEP

Notes: Once this phosphoramidite is installed into an oligonucleotide, irradiation at 365 nm at neutral pH causes strand cleavage, leaving phosphate groups on both daughter strands. In contrast to other related monomers, a second step involving treatment with base is not required.


The introduction of nicks in DNA may be accomplished using photolabile nucleotides or nucleotide surrogates, resulting in so-called "caged strand-breaks".1 Various non-nucleosidic monomers have been developed for this purpose.2-7 Caged Strand-Breaker CEP is the most advanced example of this strategy, allowing complete removal of the photolabile protecting group from both phosphorylated daughter strands and the avoidance of a second step involving base treatment.6

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Caged strand-breaker CEP
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MF: C45H49N4O9P

MW: 820.87

CAS NO: 1221188-51-7

Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry, dark



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