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BA 0329
Product Information Molecular Structure

(5'S)-8,5'-Cyclodeoxyadenosine CEP

Notes: This phosphoramidite is used for standard 3 to 5 oligonucleotide synthesis.


8,5-Cyclodeoxyadenosine (cyclo-dA) is a naturally occurring free-radical-induced DNA lesion. This bulky lesion has been shown to be present in human cells.1 Cyclo-dA is a strong block to gene expression in both CHO and human cells but can be repaired via nucleoside excision repair mechanisms, but not by base excision repair mechanisms.2 Our (5'S)-8,5-Cyclodeoxyadenosine CEP can be used for efficient incorporation of cyclo-dA into oligonucleotides.

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We also now offer the related THP protected cyclodeoxyguanosine analog. For information, see (5'S)-8,5'-Cyclodeoxyguanosine (THP) CEP (BA 0382).


(1) Dizdaroglu, M.; Dirksen, M.L.; Jiang, H.X.; Robbins, J.H. J. Biochem. 1987, 241, 929-932.

(2) Brooks, P.J.; Wise, D.S.; Berry, D.A.; Kosmoski, J.V.; Smerdon, M.J.; Somers, R.L.; Mackie, H.; Spoonde, A.Y.; Ackerman, E.J.; Coleman, K.; Tarone, R.E.; Robbins, J.H. J. Biol. Chem. 2000, 275 , 22355-22362.


(5'<em>S</em>)-8,5'-Cyclodeoxyadenosine CEP
Product Details Product Pricing

MF: C47H50N7O7P

MW: 855.92

CAS NO: 211919-91-4

Storage Conditions: -20 C, Dry



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