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FL 1400
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FDMT-On purification modifier

Notes:  Enables FDMT-on fluorous affinity purification without having to purchase individual FDMT-bearing nucleoside phosphoramidites.

Description:  Learn about fluorous affinity purification of oligonucleotides here or download a brief overview here.
Download a Product Information sheet for FL 1400. If a short hydroxyalkyl group is tolerated at the 5' terminus, FDMT-On Purification Modifier is an effective way to enable fluorous purification in a variety of applications without having to purchase a different fluorous amidite for each different 5' nucleobase. This phosphoramidite installs a fluorous dimethoxytrityl group via a short tether. After fluorous affinity purification and detritylation, a 3-hydroxy-1-methylpropyl group remains. FDMT-On Purification Modifier couples with greater than 95% efficiency (typically >98%) under the standard conditions recommended for popular synthesizers. If a 15 minute coupling is used instead, the efficiency rises to typically >99%. Please note that while this reagent is freely soluble in acetonitrile, it is somewhat slow to dissolve. Allow 30 minutes with occasional swirling for complete dissolution. After cleavage from the support and nucleobase deprotection using standard techniques, the fluorous-tagged oligonucleotide is purified using a Fluoro-Pak Column (FP 7210 or FP 7220) and Loading Buffer (LB 7100). See "User Guide: Fluorous Purification of Oligonucleotides", which is included in with your purchase or may be downloaded. As usual, ammonia removal is not required, and detritylated oligonucleotides are obtained with high recovery, free from failure sequences.

FDMT-On purification modifier
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MF: C44H48F17N2O5P

MW: 1038.81

CAS NO: 1027512-52-2

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 oC



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