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FL 1500
Product Information Molecular Structure

FMMT-5'-Amino-modifier-C6 CEP

Notes: Installs an amine at the 5'-terminus of oligonucleotides enabling fluorous affinity purification.1 Employs the fluorous monomethoxytrityl (FMMT) group rather than an MMT group, providing greater discrimination of full-length oligonucleotides over failure sequences.

Description:  For applications requiring the purification of 5'-amine-modified oligonucleotides, trityl-on purification is an option, typically involving a monomethoxytrityl (MMT) group. In cases where the separation of the trityl-on oligonucleotides from failure sequences and other non-trityl-bearing materials is more difficult, FMMT-5'-Amino-modifier-C6 CEP (FL 1500) is a useful option. It employs a fluorous version of the MMT group, i.e., a fluorous monomethoxytrityl (FMMT) group. This phosphoramidite behaves similarly to the MMT versions during synthesis, but the final FMMT-bearing oligonucleotide is more strongly retained on fluorous adsorbents or reversed-phase adsorbents, providing greater selectivity than observed for MMT-bearing oligos.

For more detail on the use of this product, download a Product Information Sheet here.

1. Pearson, W. H.; Berry, D. A.; Stoy, P.; Jung, K.-Y.; Sercel, A. D. J. Org. Chem. 2005, 70, 7114-7122.

FMMT-5'-Amino-modifier-C6 CEP
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MF: C45H51F17N3O3P

MW: 1035.85

CAS NO: 1027512-64-6

Storage Conditions: Dry, -20 C



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