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FL 1800
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Fluorous 3'-dabcyl CPG

Notes:  Fluorous 3'-Dabcyl CPG, which bears a permanent fluorous tail, renders all quencher-labeled oligonucleotides highly hydrophobic.

Description: Quenchers of fluorescence are often installed into an oligonucleotide probe using 3'-Dabcyl CPG. We now offer Fluorous 3'-dabcyl CPG, which bears a permanent fluorous tail, rendering all quencher-labeled oligonucleotides highly hydrophobic. The fluorous group dominates the adsorption characteristics of the oligonucleotide, causing it to be highly retained on RP and fluorous adsorbents. Whereas a probe bearing a normal 3'-dabcyl and a DMT-bearing 5'-(6-FAM) (from Fluorescein II CEP, BA 0253) was not well separated from dabcyl-only and FAM-only materials, the same probe bearing a fluorous 3'-dabcyl (from Fluorous 3'-dabcyl CPG, FL 1800) and a DMT-bearing 5'-(6-FAM) was well separated from non-fluorous materials. Oligos bearing only a fluorous dabcyl (but no fluorescein) were also strongly retained. Thus, with a 3'-fluorous dabcyl-labeled oligonucleotide, all highly-retained oligos bear dabcyls and are thus dark; i.e., oligos bearing only a fluorophore are easily separated.

Learn about fluorous affinity purification of oligonucleotides here. Download a brief overview here.

Fluorous 3'-dabcyl CPG
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Storage Conditions: -20 oC, dry, dark


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