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PR 3465
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Isoguanosine (Iso-G, PR 3735) and 2'-Deoxyisoguanosine (Iso-dG, PR 3465) are isomeric with G/dG, differing by transposition of the carbonyl group at position 6 of G or dG with the C-NH2 group at position 2, providing a novel hydrogen bond donor/acceptor pattern.

Description: The transposition of atoms or groups in the purine nucleobase of G/dG provides isomers that have altered base-pairing capabilities.We offer a family of guanosine isomers in nucleoside and phosphoramidite forms.

Isoguanosines are important in the field of non-natural base pairing. In 1989, Benner and co-workers1 reported the enzymatic incorporation of iso-G into RNA and DNA and characterized the distinct non-natural base pairing that resulted, especially pairing involving the similarly transposed isomer of dC known as iso-dC (we offer the closely-related compound 5-Methyliso-dC, PY 7255

Iso-G and Iso-dG are part of a family that includes Guanosine (PR 3703) , 2'-Deoxyguanosine (PR 3452) , the isomeric nucleosides 2'-Deoxypseudoguanosine (Pseudo-dG, PRA 10103) , 2'-Deoxypseudoisoguanosine (Pseudoiso-dG, PRA 10104) and the phosphoramidites Pseudo-dG CEP (BA 0312) and Pseudoiso-dG CEP (BA 0314)

Learn more about these novel compounds and their use by downloading a Product Information sheet for our family of guanosine isomers

1. Switzer, C. Y.; Moroney, S. E.; Benner, S. A. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1989, 111, 8322-8323.

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MF: C10H13N5O4

MW: 267.24

CAS NO: 106449-56-3

Storage Conditions: 5 oC



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