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PRA 10160
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Notes:  Triciribine is a tricyclic nucleoside that is cell-permeable and inhibits phosphorylation, activation and signalling of Akt.

Description: Triciribine (a.k.a. TCN, Tricyclic Nucleoside, NSC-154020) inhibits Akt (protein kinase B) in a very selective fashion, resulting in apoptosis in human cancer cells (Yang L, Dan HC, Sun M Liu Q, Sun X-m, Feldman RI, Hamilton AD, Polokoff M, Nicosia SV, Herlyn M, Sebti SM, Cheng JQ, Cancer Research 2004, 64, 4394-4399). It also inhibits DNA synthesis (Wotring LL, Townsend LB, et. al, Cancer Res. 1990, 50, 4891-9), and as its monophosphate, is active against HIV type 1 (Ptak RG, Borysko KZ, Porcari AR, Buthod JL, Holland LE, Shipman C Jr, Townsend LB, Drach JC. AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 1998, 14, 1315-22).

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MF: C13H16N6O4

MW: 320.31

CAS NO: 35943-35-2

Storage Conditions: 5 oC



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Tricyclic Nucleoside, TCN

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